How to write sales copy that converts

sales letter copywritingWhen It comes to buying products online, a huge percentage of purchases are impulse driven.

As a result, the more positives you can lay down for the potential buyer, the more likely it is that they’ll click on your order button.

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve written sales copy for a wide variety of businesses over the years, using the art of direct response copywriting to engage the reader’s interest and drive sales.

So here are 10 of the most effective ways to hook your reader and clinch that sale…

1. Make it a “Must Have” – Whatever your product is, it needs to sound as though it’s at the cutting edge of the industry for people to buy it. Everyone wants something that other people don’t have so use words and phrases such as “New” or “Just Released” in your ad copy.

2. Be Mysterious – Not knowing exactly what a product is can be very intriguing and your target audience will naturally want to find out more. Try using words like “Secret” or “Confidential” in your ad to generate this effect.

3. Choose your words carefully – Most people like to view purchases as investments for the future rather than one-off impulse buys. Tap into this desire by telling your prospects to “invest in your product” rather than “buy your product”.

4. Offer a surprise bonus – The addition of a bonus item will make the buyer feel that they’re getting something extra for their money and will be more likely to purchase as a result. Furthermore, studies have shown that even the mention of the word ‘surprise’ can have a positive psychological effect on people and heighten feelings of anticipation.

5. Be Complimentary – Avoid remarks or statements that might appear rude or condescending. Instead, give the reader plenty of compliments for reading your letter and considering your product. Try telling a story about your own naivety in the past, then say something like; “but I know you’re smarter than that.”

6. Solve their problems – The person reading your sales letter is more than likely in search of a change because they aren’t entirely happy with their current predicament – otherwise they wouldn’t be reading your sales letter in the first place. Tell your prospects what problems they have and how your product can solve them.

7. Don’t Worry Be Happy – Everyone wants to be happy and people are constantly searching for something that might help them achieve this. Tell your readers how happy your product will make them.

8. Goal Driven – Most people have goals, but there are often obstacles standing in their way. Tell your prospects which goals they’ll achieve by ordering your product.

9. Make life easy – Try to simplify the ordering process with easy to follow instructions, payment methods etc. The easier your payment method, the less likely it is that the person will opt out of a purchase.

10. Be safe and secure – There is unfortunately a lot of fraud on the internet today and people are naturally hesitant when putting in their credit card details. Be sure to allay these fears by informing potential buyers that you have secure ordering and a privacy policy.

Nick Cobb – Freelance Copywriter

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