10 Tips For Writing Persuasive, Profit-Pulling Sales Letters

sales letter copywriting and the art of persuasionIf you’re looking for information on how to create a compelling sales letter that will generate huge conversions, then you need to keep reading!

And here’s why…

In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to be revealing 10 hugely effective techniques that you can instantly implement in your own sales copy, ensuring that you’ll be able to convert more prospects than ever before!

So here goes…

Tip 1 – Be trendy

It’s important that you position your product or service as though it’s the latest ‘must-have’. People like to stay on top of the latest trends and keep ahead of their neighbours! And they’ll  do anything to keep it that way. So by using phrases such as ‘Brand New,’ ‘Never Before Released’ ‘Exclusive’ ‘Introducing The Latest’, etc, in your sales letters, you are encouraging them to indulge in this habit and purchase your ‘must have’ product!

Tip 2 – There’s mystery in the air

Not revealing the exact nature of the product in your sales letter can make your offer sound exciting and intriguing. Sprinkle words like ‘Confidential’ ‘Private’ and ‘Top Secret’ into the copy to create this effect.

Tip 3 – Be prudent in your wording

Most people prefer to view their purchases as ‘investments’ for the future rather than impulsive, spur of the moment buys. Use this to your advantage by urging potential customers to ‘invest’ in your product, instead of telling them to whip out their credit cards and ‘buy’ it.

Tip 4 – Throw in a surprise bonus

Everyone loves a bonus! The addition of a surprise gift will make a customer feel as though they’re getting something extra for their money, and they will be more likely to purchase from you as a result. Also, according to various copywriting studies, just the mere mention of the word ‘surprise’ is known to heighten feelings of anticipation and have a positive psychological impact on people.

Tip 5 – Shower them with compliments

It should go without saying, but try to avoid saying anything rude or condescending in your sales letters! Instead, you need to compliment the reader as and when appropriate. For example, you could reflect on a previous example of your own naivety, and then say, “but you’re obviously a lot smarter than that!” Silly I know, but it actually works!

Tip 6 – Offer solutions

A prospect who’s reading your ad copy might not be too happy about their current situation; otherwise, they wouldn’t be going through your sales letter, desperately seeking a solution to their problem! So make sure you let them know how your product or service can solve it.

Tip 7 – Spread the joy

People like to be cheerful and happy and are always on the lookout for something that helps them achieve this feeling. Describe in detail the benefits your readers will gain by ordering your product and the positive effect it’ll have on their lives.

Tip 8 – Goals

Many folks like to set goals for themselves, but often there are plenty of obstacles in their way. Remind buyers of the goals they’ll accomplish by investing in your product.

Tip 9 – Make it simple

Simplify the ordering process with clear, easy to understand instructions and secure, widely-used payment methods. This way, the chances of generating a sale become much higher.

Tip 10 – Safety is the name of the game

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of fraud on the internet these days and understandably, many people are wary about entering their credit card details online. Make it a point to allay their fears by informing readers that you’ve got a secure, third-party ordering system in place.

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