Words to avoid in your website copywriting

website copywritingIn the previous post, I revealed a few “trigger words” that are commonly used in headlines to (how can I put this?), sex ‘em up a bit! So after giving you a series of words you SHOULD use, it would be awfully unkind of me not to reveal the words you SHOULDN’T!

The fact is, while there are trigger words that produce positive results for your sales, there are also words that achieve the opposite, and the kind of words you shouldn’t be using are just as important as those you should!

You see, there are some words that illicit a negative response from customers and it’s vital that you steer clear of these if you want to make lots of sales. (These words apply to your main website copy, as well as the headline.)

To give you some examples, here are four words that you should try to avoid in your sales letters:


“Buy? Purchase? Learn? Order? “What’s wrong with them? I see those words used on websites all the time”, I hear you mutter. And indeed you may, but it doesn’t mean they’re the correct words to use.

Let me explain…

Firstly, it’s better not to remind potential customers of the fact they need to spend money in order to receive your product! The words “buy” and “purchase”, for example, are far too literal and potential customers may be put off if your headline is too pushy.

Always remember, visitors don’t want to “buy” anything. They would rather “invest” their money, as this denotes a positive step in terms of their future, and not a one-off impulse buy. Similarly, they would rather “secure” their product, as opposed to “order” it.

Also, the word “learn” has certain negative connotations. After all, people looking for instant answers on the internet don’t want to have to “learn” anything, because that requires work!

Jeees. Fancy that?

Instead, they want their problem to be solved instantly, so the path of least resistance would be to “discover” how to make money instead of “learn” how to make money. Avoid negative words in your headlines (and in your body copy) whenever possible and you’ll stand a much better chance of drawing visitors towards your order button.

Nick Cobb – Website Copywriter

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