How to keep visitors on your website for longer…

website copywriterAs I’m sure you’re well aware, effective search engine optimisation is a crucial factor in any successful online business strategy. The higher up your website ranks for relevant keywords, the more targeted traffic you’ll receive.

But generating lots of traffic to your website isn’t the be all and end all. You see, many website owners often become so preoccupied with GETTING visitors to their website, that they forget about actually keeping them there.

It’s all well and good having a fantastic hit rate, but if people leave your website as soon as they arrive, you won’t be making any money.

Here are some useful tips for keeping visitors on your website…

1. Use a good designer – Whatever your mum says, looks are important. If someone lands on an ugly-looking, poorly designed website, they won’t hang around for long. After all, if the website looks cheap and amateurish, the chances are that the service or product will be too! If you want to hook your visitors when they land on your website, the design must be aesthetically pleasing, colourful and well thought out. If it is, more visitors will stay on your site, and more visitors will buy.

2. Avoid excessive advertising – There’s nothing more annoying than landing on a website you think might be able to help you, only to be confronted by a bunch of irritating pop-ups, banner ads covering half the page, or one of those boxes that follows you around like a terrifying stalker! It’s incredibly annoying, unnecessary, and a massive turn-off for visitors. Be subtle with your advertising, and let your content be the focus of the page. Or risk losing everyone who lands on it.

3. Use a professional copywriter – Ok, I was bound to say that wasn’t I?! But you know what, it’s the truth, and you know it! Like a poorly designed website, a poorly written one will put visitors off instantly. Awkwardly constructed sentences, bad grammar and sloppy spelling doesn’t look professional, and potential customers will quickly go elsewhere. Ultimately, the best way to keep visitors on a website is to greet them with punchy, compelling and professionally written sales copy that speaks to them directly and makes it clear that they’re in the right place.

4. Be clean and clear – Long streams of unbroken text, a cluttered layout and confused navigation are big reasons for people leaving websites within seconds of arriving. People don’t want to have to study a website like a road map in order to find out where they need to go. Likewise, a layout with too much going on will pull their eyes in different directions, thus preventing them from doing what it is you REALLY them to do. Ultimately, an attractive, professional looking website is a neat and tidy one, with clear navigation links and easy to read copy. So bear this in mind when you come to create your own.

If you follow this advice when creating your own website, I can absolutely guarantee that your visitors will stay on your website for longer, and hopefully be converted into paying customers – certainly if you use my website copywriting service!

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