Using trigger words in your website copywriting

freelance copywriterAs we’ve discussed on this blog already, the headline on a sales letter can either make or break your product. The most successful headlines will invariably contain certain “Trigger Words” that help elevate the product in the mind of the reader.

To help you out when you come to write your own headlines, here is a list of 20 words that have been proven to produce sales. (I’ve also included a small example headline showing you how this word could be incorporated.)

1. Discover the fastest way to online riches
2. Now you can have the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of with [product name]
3. A new approach to losing weight
4. Proven techniques for making big bucks online
5. Scientific study reveals the #1 anti-aging ingredient for your skin
6. The Shocking truth about tax loopholes that the Government DOESN’T want you to know about
7. The incredible advertising technique that will boost your profit margin by 250%
8. STOP! Don’t do anything else before you’ve read this…
9. Breakthrough health drink could add years to your life
10. The top 10 secrets of an internet millionaire
11. The truth behind the world’s best fat loss system
12. Yes! You can now have the figure you’ve always wanted..
13. You can have younger looking skin with [product name]
14. How to beat the bookmakers at their own game and make a million
15. Revealed – The most successful sales letters ever written
16. Get guaranteed results in 24 hours with my revolutionary tooth whitening kit
17. How would you like to grab a copy of my e-book, absolutely free?
18. Announcing a breakthrough in migraine prevention
19. Make money from home with the [product name] system
20. Dominate your competition with the [product name]

Try to include some of these trigger words in your own headlines. You’ll be amazed at how powerful they can be!

Nick Cobb – Website Copywriter

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