Top tips for creating your first website

website copywritingWhen it comes to making money these days, the internet is the place to be. The improved lifestyle, global reach and low-costs involved in running an online business are what make it so rewarding.

As a result, many people are now setting themselves up online and trying to earn an income from home.

But unfortunately, many of these people are making simple mistakes from the very beginning that are seriously impacting on the profit potential of their business.

And these mistakes often involve the most crucial element of any online business – the website!

The purpose of a website, after all, is to sell your product or service, so it needs to be constructed properly from the very beginning to give you the best possible chance of turning visitors into customers. As a freelance copywriter, I’ve seen a number of websites that fail to do this.

So if you’re starting up your own online business, here are a few handy tips for getting an instantly profitable website up and running…

1. Learn about SEO

Many people think that once their website is live, customers from all over the world will flock towards it and buy their products! Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. In order for people to find you, your website needs to be optimized for your main keywords so that people can find you via the search engines. When creating your website, make sure that your designer builds it with your keywords and the search engines in mind, and also consider hiring an experienced SEO copywriter who understands how to write for both the search engine spiders, and human beings. After all, if no one can find you, you won’t make a great deal of money!

2. Think about aesthetics

Although search engine optimization is crucial to your chances of finding customers and making sales, it’s also important that your website looks the part. A poorly written site with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes doesn’t look professional, and potential customers will choose to go elsewhere. Likewise, the design characteristics and functionality of your website needs to be first rate. It must be clean, crisp and easy to navigate around, so that the first impression the visitor receives is a positive one.

3. Talk about what you can do for them

As I’ve stated before on this blog, it’s vitally important when selling a product or service that you speak to the customer and focus on their needs and wants. DON’T waste time talking about yourself, the amount of staff you have or how long your business has been in operation. Your visitors won’t care! All they want to know is what you can do for THEM and how it will make their life better. Focus on the benefits of your product or service, address your readers and what they’re looking for, and leave your ego at the door!

4. Keep it simple

I often see websites with a huge amount of expensive add-ons that aren’t really necessary, and graphics and software that serve to put visitors off, rather than pull them in. Flash animation, for instance, can look very impressive, but it can also slow down the loading time of your website, while pop-ups or drop-downs generally irritate, rather than engage visitors. “Are you sure you want to leave?” Yes, I do. Just pi$$ off! Adding music and videos to your site can also be beneficial, but it’s important to allow the visitor to choose whether or not they want to listen to or view it.

Nick Cobb – Website Copywriter

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