Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Like most people, I’m not a huge fan of long and wordy terms and conditions! However, you can never be too sure so I’ve laid out a few important points below in the unlikely event that a dispute arises between us. Before I begin writing, I will ask you to read the following terms and conditions and confirm that you agree to them.


Before I start your project, I will require a deposit of 50%. Once this payment has reached me, the job is confirmed and a legally binding contract established between you and Write For You Limited. The project will be delivered to a deadline agreed by both parties, and to the brief set out. If you wish to alter the brief after I’ve started the work, any extra time taken by me in researching and writing your project will incur an additional charge.


To ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the work undertaken, the agreement between us will include the writing of a first draft, the submission of a first draft to allow feedback, the writing of a second draft, and finally, the submission of a second draft. If, when you see the second draft, you are still dissatisfied with the work I have prepared for you, I will perform up to two further rewrites.


Work is quoted on a fixed-fee basis. No VAT (value added tax) is chargeable. To start the work, I require a 50% deposit either by cheque or direct bank transfer (please contact me for details). The balance of the fee (50%) is payable no later than 14 (fourteen) days after completion of the work. If the balance isn’t paid by this time, Write For You Limited reserves the right to charge interest for the period of delayed payment.


Copyright of the work remains with Write For You Limited until the invoice is paid in full. You may only use the copy in the specific business or business project for which you have commissioned it and you may not resell the copy, in whole or in part, for use by any third party.


You acknowledge that the copyright for all sample copy displayed on this site is held by Write For You Ltd, and is for your information only. You may not copy or adapt any of the content displayed, in whole or in part, for any use whatsoever.


I reserve the right to use your project in order to promote My Freelance Copywriter.com, or any other website or company associated with Write For You Ltd.

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