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Sales letter copywriting tips: add a bonus

As I’ve explained previously on this blog, creating ‘perceived value’ is hugely important when trying to sell a product. The customer needs to think that they’re getting more than they’re paying for, and a bonus can help you achieve this. In fact, adding a bonus to your product’s sales letter is not just an option, […]

Sales letter copywriting tips: include sub-headers

Ok, when I say “sub-headers”, I’m not talking about “sub-headlines”. These are two very different things. A sub-headline (as we discussed earlier) is the second (often smaller) headline on the sales page, placed directly underneath the main headline… The sub-header, meanwhile, is the highlighted text that appears in the main body copy of sales letters. […]

Sales letter copywriting tips: the opening paragraphs

Once you’ve written the headline, sub-headline and greeting for your sales letter, the next step is to construct the opening paragraphs. This is hugely important because it’s at this stage that you really need to “hook” the reader and start pushing their hot buttons! To do this, the opening lines of text need to tell […]

Sales letter copywriting tip – research the market

Having worked as a direct response copywriter for many years now, I’ve written a lot of sales copy! And during this time, I’ve discovered that the most important aspect of any project is research. Never write a piece of sales copy without doing your homework and finding out what works (and what doesn’t) in your […]

Sales letter copywriting tips: STOP! And read this!

During my years working as a freelance copywriter, I’ve naturally come to appreciate the incredible effect that certain words can have on the human mind. Some words can make people more likely to read a particular sentence, click a button without even thinking, or get their credit cards out and make a purchase! These words […]

Sales letter copywriting tips: Greet your reader!

So then, let’s imagine that you’ve written the headline and the sub-headline for your sales letter. The next step is to greet the reader and begin writing the main body copy. So what’s the best way of doing this? Well ideally, the greeting you use should typically take the form of “Dear”, followed by two […]

Sales letter copywriting tip: the money-back guarantee

I’m sure that you’ve read many of these assurances before; “There is absolutely NO RISK with our 100% money-back guarantee!” “You pay NOTHING unless you are totally satisfied.” “Simply return the product within 30 days and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked!” Now, whatever you may think of guarantees such as these, when it […]

Sales letter copywriting tip: include testimonials

When it comes to buying anything online, we all need a little reassurance that what we’re purchasing will do what it’s supposed to. I’m sure that when you’ve bought a product online, you’ve carefully considered whether or not it’s right for you, whether it will actually do what it claims, and also whether it’s safe […]

Sales letter copywriting tip: Create a back-story!

When it comes to selling anything online, it’s crucial that you’re able to build a positive relationship with your reader, and one of the most effective ways of doing this is to create a relevant back-story. And why is this so important? Well to begin with, stories sell! And that’s because the telling of stories […]

The perfect sales letter…

If you need a sales letter, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire… err, me. Any need for an A-Team reference here? Not really. It’s just a slightly more colourful way of saying that my brand new website, Red Hot Sales Letters.com has just launched. My […]