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Secrets of a Sales Letter Copywriter… Ssshh!

As a sales letter copywriter myself, I’ve written a lot of direct response sales copy over the years. Many of my sales letters have pulled in huge amounts of money for both my clients and their affiliates, and as a result, about 90% of my work is repeat business. My clients love the results I […]

The Benefits of Direct Mail Sales Letters

Despite having an out of date, ‘old school’ reputation, the reality of direct mail marketing is anything but. In fact, if used correctly, it can be incredibly cost-effective, efficient and profitable… So what exactly is direct mail marketing? Fundamentally, “Direct Mail” constitutes any advertising message that has been personally addressed and delivered directly by mail […]

10 words to make your sales letters sizzle

Having worked as a sales letter copywriter for many years now, I’ve discovered more and more ways of increasing conversions for my clients. Naturally, the more you do something, the more you improve, and over the last five years, I’ve devised a sales letter formula that has proven to be extremely effective at generating high […]

Advanced Sales Letter Copywriting Tip #6 – Graphics

All the way back in April 1998, marketing guru and master copywriter, Dan S. Kennedy wrote in his newsletter; “Cosmetics Matter!” And it’s crucial that you remember this when constructing your own sales letters because the truth is, the “cosmetics” of your sales page (or any website for that matter) are absolutely crucial to its […]

Advanced Sales Letter Copywriting Tip #5 – Data Capture

When it comes to selling anything online, it’s crucial that you do your very best to monetize every lead that turns up on your website. After all, if someone has landed on your sales page, the likelihood is that they’re interested in what you have to offer, so DON’T allow them to leave without a […]

Advanced Sales Letter Copywriting Tip #4 – Page Peel

Another great little sales letter tool that will augment your killer copywriting is the Peel Away Ad, or “Page Peel”. This particular piece of software allows you to display a small animated “Peel” on the right hand corner of your website. Then, if your visitor tries to close the page by moving their mouse over […]

Why you should be wary of cheap copywriters

In recent years, the global reach of the internet has enabled more and more people to make a living online. All you need these days is a PC and an internet connection, and you have the potential to start earning money! In theory, this is brilliant. However, in some disciplines – and copywriting is certainly […]

Sales letter copywriting tip: Utilize the upsell

If you’re not sure what an “upsell” actually is, I can absolutely guarantee that you’ve come across it many times in your life already, without even knowing it. Perhaps you were buying a book from Amazon, and after you’d purchased it, a page popped up saying; “customers who bought (book name) also purchased…” at which […]

Secrets of a sales letter copywriter

One of my main tasks as a freelance copywriter is to write sales copy for my clients, and in order to do this successfully, it’s crucial that I retain the interest of the reader throughout the letter and draw them towards the order button. So how exactly do I do this? Well, there are many […]

Sales letter copywriting tips: add a post-script

In case you’re not quite sure what I mean by “Post-Script”, it refers to the P.S’s that appear at the end of sales letters, and you ABSOLUTELY MUST use them in your copywriting… The main reason for this is that apart from the headline, your post-script will be the most read section of your entire […]