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The Benefits of Article Marketing

If you run your own business, then you’ll no doubt be trying to position your website(s) higher in the search engine rankings for your main keywords. And a really great way of doing this is to engage in something called article marketing… If you haven’t used this method before, article marketing involves submitting articles to […]

SEO Copywriting Tips: Where to Place Your Keywords

Having worked as a freelance copywriter for a number of years now, I’ve written website content for a huge number of start-up businesses, and assisted them with keyword research and SEO copywriting. And when it comes to keywords and SEO copywriting my workload is growing by the day. Yaaay. This is because more and more […]

Organic link building – the key to successful SEO

When setting up a website, it’s imperative that you start out on the right footing if you want people to find your site via the search engines. You need to conduct the necessary keyword research to discover exactly what search phrases are most relevant to your business, and you also need to ensure that your […]

How to improve your search engine ranking

When I set up myself up as a freelance copywriter six months ago, I knew I had a lot of hard work ahead of me if I was going to rank on page one of Google. There are an awful lot of copywriters out there after all, and I knew it wasn’t going to be […]

SEO Copywriting 101

As a freelance copywriter with a lovely little website, I’m often asked to write search engine optimised website copy for my clients. The fact is, plain and simple website copywriting – however good it may be – just isn’t enough anymore! After all, if you’re going to create a website, then you want to do […]

SEO and the role of long-tail keywords

When people ask me for advice on search engine optimization, I often say to them that ranking on page one of Google isn’t about working hard, it’s about working smart. To explain what I mean by this, I’d like to talk to you about long-tail keywords and how they can be used to help your […]

What makes a great SEO copywriter?

In today’s increasingly internet-driven business world, the demand for a skilled and experienced SEO copywriter is huge. From the big multi-nationals to the lone online entrepreneur, everyone appreciates that in order for potential customers to find their website, the copy needs to be written with the search engine spiders in mind. Indeed, website copy needs […]

SEO copywriting tips – love thy content

Right then, I’d now like to discuss arguably the most important component of an SEO-friendly website; its content. The fact is, both human visitors and search engines are primarily concerned with the words on your page, so if the actual content on your page is not relevant to the keywords you’re targeting, all your efforts […]

SEO copywriting tips – internal linking

Linking to internal pages refers to turning keywords that normally occur within your site into links themselves. The fact is, although links coming IN to your site are arguably more important to your search engine rankings, you must not forget the role that INTERNAL links play. Indeed, when you’re setting up a new website, creating […]

SEO copywriting tips – include header tags

As a freelance copywriter, I’m often asked to produce search engine optimised copy for clients, and I’m always quick to stress the importance of header tags. Now, I won’t talk about this component too much as it can become fairly technical, but essentially, a header tag is similar to sub-sections within a chapter of a […]