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SEO copywriting tips – internal linking

Linking to internal pages refers to turning keywords that normally occur within your site into links themselves. The fact is, although links coming IN to your site are arguably more important to your search engine rankings, you must not forget the role that INTERNAL links play. Indeed, when you’re setting up a new website, creating […]

Sales letter copywriting tips: Greet your reader!

So then, let’s imagine that you’ve written the headline and the sub-headline for your sales letter. The next step is to greet the reader and begin writing the main body copy. So what’s the best way of doing this? Well ideally, the greeting you use should typically take the form of “Dear”, followed by two […]

Top 5 website copywriting tips

Right then, you’ve just started your own business and you’re about to sit down and write the copy for your new website. But oh no, you’re completely stuck! You don’t know how to write scintillating website copy that will get readers clicking on your order button. Never fear though, because My Freelance Copywriter is here […]

SEO copywriting tips – include header tags

As a freelance copywriter, I’m often asked to produce search engine optimised copy for clients, and I’m always quick to stress the importance of header tags. Now, I won’t talk about this component too much as it can become fairly technical, but essentially, a header tag is similar to sub-sections within a chapter of a […]

Sales letter copywriting tip: include testimonials

When it comes to buying anything online, we all need a little reassurance that what we’re purchasing will do what it’s supposed to. I’m sure that when you’ve bought a product online, you’ve carefully considered whether or not it’s right for you, whether it will actually do what it claims, and also whether it’s safe […]

SEO copywriting tips – the title tag

Now then, the next piece of SEO copywriting advice I’d like to give you relates to the title tag. This tag is essentially the page title that will appear in the search results. It plays a crucial role in the indexing of your website by the search engines, so it’s vital that you include your […]

Sales letter copywriting tip: Create a back-story!

When it comes to selling anything online, it’s crucial that you’re able to build a positive relationship with your reader, and one of the most effective ways of doing this is to create a relevant back-story. And why is this so important? Well to begin with, stories sell! And that’s because the telling of stories […]

Sales letter copywriting tip: Promote the fear!

When it comes to writing great sales copy, promoting ‘The Fear of Loss’ is a tried and tested technique. It’s an old favourite of the salesman, because it turns undecided shoppers into hungry buyers! Now, when I use the word “fear”, I’m not talking about scaring your readers! What I’m talking about is letting them […]

SEO copywriting tips – optimise your page name/URL

Other than hiring a professional SEO copywriter, one of the first (and easiest) ways to optimise your web pages for the search engines is to include your main keywords in the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Otherwise known as your website address! For example, if you have a business that repairs digital cameras, your URL should […]