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What is a copywriter?

When people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them that I’m a copywriter, I typically receive the same confused response… “Oh right, great”, they’ll say, pretending to know exactly what it is! Two or three seconds will pass before their curiosity gets the better of them and they enquire a […]

Advanced Sales Letter Tip #2 – Video

The use of video as an online marketing tool has been growing hugely in recent years, and it’s proving to be a great accompaniment to traditional sales copywriting techniques. More and more businesses, from small-time internet marketers to huge multinational corporations, have begun to appreciate just how incredibly powerful video is as a marketing and […]

How to increase sales letter conversions

During the course of this blog, I’ve spoken about the many elements that make up my own sales letter formula, and laid it out in a step-by-step manner for you to replicate on your own sales pages. The fact is, the copywriting formula that I use is enormously successful, and it’s both time tested and […]

Facebook – You’re Doing it Wrong!

As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, Facebook has become a hugely important promotional tool for business. I use it myself, and recently set up my own Facebook page devoted to my copywriting business. I can be found under the name Nick Cobb Copywriter, and I’ve even got 670 friends! Woohooo. Most of them are […]

Why hiring a copywriter will boost your business

When starting up their own online business, many beginners (understandably) try to save money by taking on many of the tasks themselves. Of course, most people aren’t capable of designing their own website, so they hire a professional to do that for them. But what about the content? There’s the website copy to consider, the […]

SEO Copywriting 101

As a freelance copywriter with a lovely little website, I’m often asked to write search engine optimised website copy for my clients. The fact is, plain and simple website copywriting – however good it may be – just isn’t enough anymore! After all, if you’re going to create a website, then you want to do […]

Website Design Vs Website Copywriting

Have you ever met someone who’s great to look at, only to discover that when you delve beneath the surface, there’s really not much there?! I know, it’s a horrible thing to say isn’t it?! But my point is, I see the same discrepancy with a lot of websites. The owner has clearly spent a […]

Why you should be wary of cheap copywriters

In recent years, the global reach of the internet has enabled more and more people to make a living online. All you need these days is a PC and an internet connection, and you have the potential to start earning money! In theory, this is brilliant. However, in some disciplines – and copywriting is certainly […]

The Benefits of Writing Articles…

I’ve been quite a busy boy lately… A few weeks ago, I turned on my PC, opened up my inbox, and found about 15 emails from people asking me if I wouldn’t mind doing some work for them. Over the course of the next few days this has turned into around 25 emails! There were […]

8 Ideas for Blog Posts…

For my copywriting blog, I’m always looking around for new ideas for blog posts. If I want people to read my blog and enjoy it, my posts can’t all be the same. It’s important to have variety! So if you have a blog and you’re running a little short of inspiration, here are 8 ideas […]