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What is a copywriter?

When people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them that I’m a copywriter, I typically receive the same confused response… “Oh right, great”, they’ll say, pretending to know exactly what it is! Two or three seconds will pass before their curiosity gets the better of them and they enquire a […]

Advanced Sales Letter Tip #2 – Video

The use of video as an online marketing tool has been growing hugely in recent years, and it’s proving to be a great accompaniment to traditional sales copywriting techniques. More and more businesses, from small-time internet marketers to huge multinational corporations, have begun to appreciate just how incredibly powerful video is as a marketing and […]

How to increase sales letter conversions

During the course of this blog, I’ve spoken about the many elements that make up my own sales letter formula, and laid it out in a step-by-step manner for you to replicate on your own sales pages. The fact is, the copywriting formula that I use is enormously successful, and it’s both time tested and […]

Facebook – You’re Doing it Wrong!

As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, Facebook has become a hugely important promotional tool for business. I use it myself, and recently set up my own Facebook page devoted to my copywriting business. I can be found under the name Nick Cobb Copywriter, and I’ve even got 670 friends! Woohooo. Most of them are […]

Why hiring a copywriter will boost your business

When starting up their own online business, many beginners (understandably) try to save money by taking on many of the tasks themselves. Of course, most people aren’t capable of designing their own website, so they hire a professional to do that for them. But what about the content? There’s the website copy to consider, the […]

The importance of your blog content…

Without question, the most crucial element of any blog is the content that appears on it. I’ve seen some absolutely awful looking blogs out there that have daily visitor numbers in the hundreds of thousands. And that’s because the content on those blogs is top quality, and highly relevant to that particular target market. Likewise, […]

Sales letter copywriting tip: Utilize the upsell

If you’re not sure what an “upsell” actually is, I can absolutely guarantee that you’ve come across it many times in your life already, without even knowing it. Perhaps you were buying a book from Amazon, and after you’d purchased it, a page popped up saying; “customers who bought (book name) also purchased…” at which […]

B2B Vs B2C Copywriting – How different are they?

Right then, this blog post is directed at all you fellow copywriters out there, rather than those of you setting up your own online business who are in need of some copywriting advice… So listen up my copywriting brethren, because you never know, this might actually be helpful! As a freelance copywriter, you may well […]

How to write the perfect marketing email

With more and more products and services being sold online these days, businesses have started to devote greater resources to the concept of “email marketing” – the practice of building vast customer email lists that they can promote their products to… As a result, the importance placed on the content of a promotional email has […]

Top tips for creating your first website

When it comes to making money these days, the internet is the place to be. The improved lifestyle, global reach and low-costs involved in running an online business are what make it so rewarding. As a result, many people are now setting themselves up online and trying to earn an income from home. But unfortunately, […]