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Tips for writing great blog posts…

If you want your website to rise to the top of the search engines, then an integrated blog can be a hugely beneficial tool. As I’ve explained previously on this blog, Google and the other major search engines ABSOLUTELY LOVE blogs! The regularly updated nature of a blog, and the ease in which keywords can […]

How to decide on a blog topic

Being a freelance copywriter, it was always pretty obvious what I was going to base my blog on! As I’m sure you can appreciate, by writing articles that relate to my industry, such as sales letters, search engine optimisation, social media, eBook writing and website copywriting, I’d be able to attract readers who might be […]

Blogging for business

The use of blogs has increased greatly in the last few years as business owners have realised what a fantastic promotional tool they are. They’re very simple to set up, update and maintain, require no web design skills and they can be a hugely effective tool for generating interest in your website, and therefore free […]