Secrets of a Sales Letter Copywriter… Ssshh!

The secret to great sales letter copywriting!As a sales letter copywriter myself, I’ve written a lot of direct response sales copy over the years. Many of my sales letters have pulled in huge amounts of money for both my clients and their affiliates, and as a result, about 90% of my work is repeat business.

My clients love the results I get for them. And I love the fact that they’re happy with my work, and keep coming back to me.

But it’s taken time to get to this stage. Like anything in life, the more experience you have of doing something, the more you learn, and the more you improve.

When I first started out, my sales letters weren’t converting anywhere near as well as they do now. And it didn’t have anything to do with how hard I was working for my clients. I mean, I was spending hours (even days) on research, analysing the competition, delving into the market so that I understood everything involved, and I would write and re-write the sales letter over and over until both myself and the client were 100% satisfied.

But I was still missing one crucial element…

And until I realised what it was, my sales letters would never reach their true potential.

So what was it? What did I add to the sales letter mix that now makes them so much more profitable than they ever were before?

Well, the answer is very simple…

You see, most online purchases are based on emotional decisions, rather than logical reasoning, and once I realised this, the conversion rates of my sales letters exploded overnight.

These days, all of my sales letters are written with this mind.

You see, most successful sales letters generate an immediate emotional response on the part of the reader. Whether the prospect is looking to build muscle, lose weight, improve their health or make more money, it’s emotions that dominate an individual’s decision making process. And if your sales letter can push your readers’ emotional hot buttons, you will make more sales!

So when you come to write your own sales letter, always think about where your prospect is coming from emotionally, and what they’re looking for. What’s likely to have driven them to your sales page in the first place?

Why do they want to lose weight? Why do they need bigger muscles? Why do they need more money? Why do they want to improve their health?

The answers to these questions are universal. So whoever it is that lands on your sales page, they’ll be looking for the same thing, and their emotional triggers will be similar.

Bear this in mind, and your sales letter will sparkle!

Nick Cobb – Sales Letter Copywriter

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