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internal linking is important to SEOLinking to internal pages refers to turning keywords that normally occur within your site into links themselves.

The fact is, although links coming IN to your site are arguably more important to your search engine rankings, you must not forget the role that INTERNAL links play. Indeed, when you’re setting up a new website, creating internal links out of your keywords can be a very useful weapon in your SEO arsenal.

To begin with, an internal linking structure will help the spiders to find and index all of your pages, as well as increase the relevancy of a page to a keyword phrase.

To give you an example, the following sentence occurs on the Wikipedia website when I search for the film Ironman:

seo copywriter internal linking

The keywords for that film (the actors and actresses) are being used here as internal links to other relevant pages within the Wikipedia site. (These keywords are also referred to as Anchor Text.)

However, although this practice is useful, it DOESN’T mean that every keyword should be linked as this would be viewed as spam by the search engines. Instead, make sure you only turn your most important keywords into links.

If you have a look through my blog posts, you’ll see that I’ve created internal links out of words and phrases specifically relevant to my website and the services I provide, such as copywriting services, freelance copywriter and website copywriter, to give just three examples.

This makes my website even more relevant to those search terms, and makes it more likely that my site will appear in the search results when someone types in those particular keywords.

Finally, I’d strongly recommend that your internal links are text only. This is because regular html can be easily read by the search engine spiders, as opposed to using links which use images or flash animation, which can’t.

For the next SEO copywriting tip, I’m going to be talking about external linking…

See you then!

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