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Unique content is the best for SEOSo then, you now know that having UNIQUE content is an important determining factor in how high your website ranks in the search engines. So how do you produce good quality, unique content that people in your market will want to read – without hiring a professional copywriter do it for you, of course!

1) Research the Market

Regardless of the market you’re in, I’d strongly recommend that you research it fully, as this will help you understand exactly what users want. Take a look at other websites in your niche that are performing well in the organic search results. What keywords are they using, and how often? How much content is on the page? (I can guarantee that the answer will be a lot.)

Look at blogs and forums where people in your market will spend their time, and take a note of the most frequently asked questions, posts and discussions that generate the most interest. Use this knowledge to create high-quality content that addresses the demands of your market. If you can do this successfully, you’ll be able to set your website apart from your competition and climb up the search engine results page.

2) Be Independent

Internet users are very savvy these days and tuned in to the commercialisation of the web. As a result, users don’t like to link to company websites that are simply trying to sell a product (unless they’re affiliates of that product, of course).

They want to link to information that is useful and relevant to what people are really searching for, as this relevance reflects well on their own site’s ranking. As a result, when it comes to trying to attract readers – and subsequently good quality backlinks – it’s very important that your content is as independent as possible and provides helpful information for the visitor.

Naturally, you’ll probably be trying to sell a product or service on your website, but you can still write and publish articles, or create a blog that’s connected to your website, which will enable you to write content that people will want to read, subsequently increasing your chances of getting good backlinks.

3) Partner Up With Experts

Whatever market you’re in, there will be experts within that market that people pay attention to and respect. There will also be lower tier experts who are well known on the internet, but perhaps aren’t household names. These are the people that can significantly boost the attraction of your content – if you’re able to collaborate with them, that is.

If you are, you’ll be able to benefit from their reputation in the industry. A co-authored e-book or article, for example, or a small contribution to one of your pages (even if it’s just a short quote) can be incredibly valuable, making your content both link and visitor-worthy.

You can ask this person to link back towards the article, e-book or contribution that’s on your web page, which will result in more people flocking towards your website, which in turn will lead to more quality and relevant backlinks from other people in that market.

And this isn’t as hard to do as you might think…

Let’s say you have a muscle building e-book, for instance. There are lots of websites out there selling similar products, and many of the authors are well known names in this field, but certainly not big celebrities who wouldn’t want anything to do with you! (Vince Delmonte’s “No Nonsense Muscle Building” product, for instance, is always high up in the search results.)

A simple (but relevant and good quality) article on your website that included content from a relatively well-known name like this would do wonders for your search engine ranking.

And why?

Well, because you’d then be able to use his name to form some more keywords, consequently attracting more people to your site.

Think about it…

If someone types in “Vince DelMonte” into Google, that’s also one of YOUR keywords for your web page with those articles on it, and as a result, that person may end up taking a look at your website instead!

One final point I’d like to make about your content is this…

4) Keep it fresh and up to date

All of the major search engine spiders crawl the web each day looking for new and updated content, and every single one of them gives priority to websites that update their content regularly. Again, the search engines’ main goal is to provide a service for its users, so out-of-date web pages which haven’t been updated will not stay at the top of the rankings for very long.

Blogs, for instance, are always rated very highly in search results because by nature they’re updated regularly, and constantly provide fresh and up-to-date content.

A blog, therefore, would be a great way to add fresh, continuous content to your own website, and it would enable you to add relevant articles as well, which would in turn boost your search engine rankings.

Nick Cobb – SEO Copywriter

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  1. Susan says:

    Brillaint info on here nick. Very well written and very helpful. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. amit says:

    Unique content has so much importance in SEO.Fresh content not only provide good traffic but also helpful to get quality backlinks.It is also helpful to get high PR in Google.Thanks a lot for sharing a very valuable article about content importance.I hope people who ll have some doubt about fresh and unique content importance,ll get good information.

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