How to improve your search engine ranking

Getting to the top of the search engines doesn't have to cost moneyWhen I set up myself up as a freelance copywriter six months ago, I knew I had a lot of hard work ahead of me if I was going to rank on page one of Google.

There are an awful lot of copywriters out there after all, and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get ahead of 99.9% of them…

Today, I’m feeling quite proud of myself (cue smug look)!

I’ve just checked the ranking of my two websites for my main keywords, and found that my target is getting closer and closer by the day – and, most importantly, I haven’t paid a penny to do it.

For the search term “freelance copywriter”, for instance, I’m now on page 3 of Google – out of a massive 6 million competing websites. Wooh, go me!

For the term “website copywriter” I’m ranked on page 4 out of 1.4 million competing websites, and my sister site;, is ranked on page 2 for the keyword “sales letter copywriter”, out of 2 million sites.

Now, I’m not saying this to boast or anything like that (I am really ;)) – I just wanted to let you all know that you don’t always need to pay SEO companies hundreds of pounds to propel your sites to the top of the search engines.

Sure, if you’re involved in a particularly competitive niche such as weight loss or making money online, then you’ll no doubt need to spend some money in order to give your site a rankings boost, but for those of you in smaller, less competitive niches, then all it really takes is hard work and commitment.

Like I said, I haven’t spent a single penny to get my websites as high as they are. I’ve written numerous blog posts and used simple methods such as internal linking to make my posts relevant to my major keywords, and I’ve set up multiple social media accounts in order to get as many backlinks as possible (backlinks are absolutely crucial to your ranking).

But the method that’s helped me the most is article writing…

Very early on, I started submitting articles to, and recently, a few of them have been picked up by a variety of companies and used in their own newsletters. Not only has this brought me a heap of business, but the increased visibility of my articles has led to them being used by other copywriters and online marketers on their own blogs, too.

Now, I’ve got absolutely no problem with people using my articles and blog posts on their own sites – as long as they credit me as the author and add a link back to my site – which they have done. And the result of this is that I’ve started to gain a lot of very useful, and very relevant backlinks – which has subsequently has the desired effect of propelling my website higher up in the search engines rankings even further.

I’ve repeatedly stated on this blog that the best way to improve your rankings is to write good quality, relevant content that people will actually want to read.

Because if you do, they’ll be referenced by others, linked to, and even used on other websites – which is exactly what you need to improve your position in the search engines.

Now, you may not have the time or energy to take on your SEO campaign, and if so, go ahead and hire someone to help you out. But if you’re a little strapped for cash when first starting out online, the old fashioned tactic of putting in the hard yards still works too.

So save a bit of cash and take control of your own SEO campaign – It’s easy when you know how!

Nick Cobb – SEO Copywriter

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