The importance of your blog content…

your blog content is keyWithout question, the most crucial element of any blog is the content that appears on it.

I’ve seen some absolutely awful looking blogs out there that have daily visitor numbers in the hundreds of thousands. And that’s because the content on those blogs is top quality, and highly relevant to that particular target market.

Likewise, I’ve seen some beautifully designed blogs with hardly any visitors at all, and that’s because the #1 factor that drives people towards blogs is – AND WILL ALWAYS BE – the quality of the content on offer.

And hey, that’s why you need a good copywriter!

Good blogs always address the main issues present in the niche they’re focused on, and this creates plenty of interest and discussion, which in turn, results in readers contributing even more relevant posts, articles and back-links that then propel the blog higher in the search engine rankings.

It’s the quality of the content that attracts new visitors, keeps existing visitors reading, and provides the incentive for them to come back, again and again.

After all, in order to make money with a blog you need to have high levels of traffic, and quality content is the #1 traffic generator. FACT.

So where does this content come from?

Well, you have three main options. You can produce the content yourself, you can use existing online content, or you can hire someone to write fresh, original content for you…

1. Write your own content

The easiest and cheapest way is to create the content yourself. Blog posts don’t need to be particularly long (400-800 words is plenty ) and they don’t have to be hugely technical either (unless your blog is dedicated to a technical subject, of course).

Ideally, you should have a passion for the blog topic in question and you should at least have some knowledge of the main issues. If you do, then it really shouldn’t be too difficult to produce regular content yourself.

For advice on writing a great blog post, take a look at my own post entitled; Tips for writing great blog posts.

Of course, creating your own content is a great way to save money and give your blog that personal touch that reflects your opinions, but blogs do require regular updating and a certain level of skill when writing.

So what if you’re not much of a writer?

Well, in this case, there are two other options for you to consider…

2. Use Free Content

If you aren’t really up to producing the blog posts and articles yourself, and you don’t want to spend money either, then there are several different ways to acquire free content for you to use.

As always, you just need to know where to look!

To begin with, article directories provide a steady supply of fresh content on a wide variety of topics. And the great thing is, you can simply copy and paste this content and then use it on your own blog (as long as you credit the source).

The most popular directories are and, although there are many other directories available, and a quick search of Google will locate them. The obvious problem with free content is the lack of originality. Ideally, your blog content should be unique, as this will provide a reason for people to visit your blog.

If something has been written about before, then people interested in that topic will have probably read about it previously. Remember, people want fresh ideas, interesting opinions on up-to-the-minute matters and unique content that relates to them in the here and now. They don’t want to read a regurgitated article from 2006!

For that reason, if you don’t want to write the content yourself, it would be a much better idea to try a third option…

3. Purchase Content

Hiring a freelance copywriter to produce original content for your blog, namely in the form of articles, is something that more and more blog owners are doing these days. It saves them a huge amount of time, and many articles/blog posts can be purchased at very good rates.

Three of the best sites for finding copywriters are, and

Note: If you do opt to purchase your content, just make sure that you employ someone who is fluent in the English language and will produce good quality articles. I’ve heard many stories of people receiving poorly written articles in broken English from the likes of India and the Philippines.

Saying that, each of these sites should help to connect you up with a decent copywriter who’s able to produce good quality blog content at an affordable price.

And if not, you can always ask me!

Nick Cobb – Website Copywriter

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