What makes a great SEO copywriter?

SEO copywriterIn today’s increasingly internet-driven business world, the demand for a skilled and experienced SEO copywriter is huge.

From the big multi-nationals to the lone online entrepreneur, everyone appreciates that in order for potential customers to find their website, the copy needs to be written with the search engine spiders in mind.

Indeed, website copy needs to contain the keywords most relevant to your business, and these keywords need to be used in the right numbers, and placed in exactly the right positions.

If you don’t understand the role of the title tag, what to write for your meta description, the importance of header tags or how to use anchor text, you really need to employ an SEO copywriter, because it’s these things that can often be the difference between languishing on page 80 of Google’s search results, or flying high at the top of page one!

So a great SEO copywriter is just someone who can write for the search engines, right?

Wrong! While a thorough understanding of SEO principles is hugely important, a skilled SEO copywriter must also understand that it’s human beings, and NOT spiders, that will be making purchasing decisions based on what they read.

It’s not ALL about the keywords!

And that’s the crucial point. The copy on a website needs to appeal to the human visitor, as its ultimate purpose is to sell a product or service. So while the content needs to tick all the right SEO boxes, it also needs to be well-written and compelling, pulling the reader in and pushing their hot buttons as it does so!

And there lies the skill. It’s the ability to strike the right balance and find the perfect ratio between search engine optimization and readability that separates a good SEO copywriter from a great one!

So while SEO will always be important to a website’s ability to attract customers, it should never take precedence over good quality, relevant and readable copy. Because when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter how many people land on your website if the copy fails to convert them into buyers.

Nick Cobb – SEO Copywriter

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