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How to Build Trust Through Clever Copywriting

The arrival of the internet has brought with it a number of positives. However, it’s also created the perfect environment for crooks and scammers to operate in. The anonymity that the internet provides, and the ease in which someone can set up a website and start selling products and services is a huge problem that […]

Secrets of a Sales Letter Copywriter… Ssshh!

As a sales letter copywriter myself, I’ve written a lot of direct response sales copy over the years. Many of my sales letters have pulled in huge amounts of money for both my clients and their affiliates, and as a result, about 90% of my work is repeat business. My clients love the results I […]

The Importance of First Impressions

Back when I was working as a deputy editor for a travel magazine, my editor once told me that in the week leading up to going to press, about 70% of his time was taken up working on the front cover. “No way”, I thought… “Is a front cover really that important to sales?” Well, […]

7 free ways to promote your online business

Ok, let’s move away from copywriting for a moment, as I’d like to talk to you about what you need to do once your website is live. The fact is, there’s only so much a copywriter like myself can do to help your business flourish. We can write sizzling website copy that makes your readers […]

Sales letter copywriting tip – research the market

Having worked as a direct response copywriter for many years now, I’ve written a lot of sales copy! And during this time, I’ve discovered that the most important aspect of any project is research. Never write a piece of sales copy without doing your homework and finding out what works (and what doesn’t) in your […]

Sales letter copywriting tip: the money-back guarantee

I’m sure that you’ve read many of these assurances before; “There is absolutely NO RISK with our 100% money-back guarantee!” “You pay NOTHING unless you are totally satisfied.” “Simply return the product within 30 days and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked!” Now, whatever you may think of guarantees such as these, when it […]

SEO copywriting tips – the meta tag description

This particular tag provides a basic description of what’s found on the webpage, thus pointing search engines and humans towards the themes and topics your website is relevant to. Although the major search engines give very little value to the description tag when ranking web pages these days, it’s still an important aspect of SEO […]

Sales letter copywriting tip: Create a back-story!

When it comes to selling anything online, it’s crucial that you’re able to build a positive relationship with your reader, and one of the most effective ways of doing this is to create a relevant back-story. And why is this so important? Well to begin with, stories sell! And that’s because the telling of stories […]

Hiring a freelance copywriter…

Pick me! No, I’m just kidding. Seriously though, pick me 😉 Ok, if you’re looking for a freelance copywriter and for some wacky reason you don’t choose to hire me, then here are five handy tips to ensure you don’t end up with a copywriter from hell… 1. Check for core competency – When researching […]