The Benefits of Blogging

Blogging for SEOIt’s been said many times before, but content really is king when it comes to the internet. The fact is, it’s much easier to get a site ranked highly in the search engines if good quality content is constantly being added to it. As a result, more and more people are adding integrated blogs to their websites.

And you should be, too!

But it’s not just the content that helps your ranking…

The fact is, adding good quality, relevant content to your website (which the search engines love), also enables you to boost the site’s ranking even further by adding internal and external links.

Internal and external links explained…

An internal link is when someone mentions one of their keywords and then creates a clickable link out of it. The link then sends the reader (and the search engine spiders) through to your home page, or whichever page you choose. The result of this is that your site starts to become more and more relevant to those keywords, and your site rises higher in the search engines!

To give you an example, whenever I mention my keywords such as freelance copywriter or website copywriter, I turn them into links which direct people to the relevant page. I’ve optimised my home page for the term “freelance copywriter”, my website copywriting page for the term “website copywriter” and my SEO copywriting page for the keyword “SEO copywriter”.

The more and more I do this over time, and the more and more blog posts I write, the more relevant my site becomes to those particular keywords, and the higher it rises.

External links, meanwhile, can be just as effective. If you link out to high authority sites within your niche, they will often link back to you. The search engines will view this as a big vote of confidence in your site, and reward it accordingly, by pushing it higher in the search results.

As you can imagine, the more blog posts you write, the more internal and external links you can add to your blog. Over time, you’ll start to see your website climb higher and higher in the search engines, which will result in greater exposure for your products, and more money for your business!

Of course, in order to give your website a REAL BOOST, you need to create “backlinks”. This is very similar to internal links, but instead of the links being on your own site, they’re placed on other websites, such as article directories, other people’s blogs, forums, etc. And the more authority these sites have (higher Page Rank), the bigger the boost each backlink will give you!

Nick Cobb – Sales Letter Copywriter

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