The Benefits of Article Marketing

Article Marketing and SEOIf you run your own business, then you’ll no doubt be trying to position your website(s) higher in the search engine rankings for your main keywords. And a really great way of doing this is to engage in something called article marketing…

If you haven’t used this method before, article marketing involves submitting articles to article directories like,,,, etc.

And they help to give your website a rankings boost in two different ways:

1. They provide back-links

The most obvious benefit of submitting your articles to article directories is that you’re allowed to place a back-link in your author resource box, and turn it into anchor text. To give you an example of how beneficial this is to your ranking, my resource box often says something like:

Nick Cobb is a website copywriter online marketing consultant and the founder and Managing Director of Write For You Ltd, a copywriting agency based in London, England. His principal website; My Freelance Copywriter provides a wide range of copywriting services to domestic and international businesses, both large and small.

Now then, as you can see, I’ve created anchor text links out of my main keywords. This is crucial because it means that Google and the other search engines will associate my website with that search term, and the more back-links I have, the more relevant my site becomes to that term!

As a result, I’ve signed up to many different article sites, and submitted a whole host of articles with my anchor text links included. This has resulted in my website moving swiftly up the search engine rankings for my main keywords; copywriter, freelance copywriter, SEO copywriter and website copywriter, in particular.

So follow this tactic, and you website will see similar results!

2. They can be syndicated

Another benefit of using article directories is that they’ll often syndicate your articles to many different websites, which produces more and more readers for you. And if your articles are good enough, people will use them on their own websites and blogs, too.

Don’t worry though, this is exactly what you want! By using your articles (with your resource box included), you’ll receive even more back-links from a variety of different sites, and then further readers as a result!

It’s a win/win situation. The people using your articles on their own websites receive free content, while you receive further back-links which helps to push your site higher in the search results. Furthermore, the increased numbers of people reading your article can often result in more and more people visiting your site directly, and becoming future customers.

Think Quality Over Quantity

So an important thing to bear in mind is the quality of your article writing, because if it’s not good enough, it will stand far less chance of being picked up, and then syndicated by the article directories. As you can imagine, a poorly-written, error-filled article will not be used very much, and as a result, you’ll receive very few back-links, and very few new customers.

So always think about the QUALITY of your article writing, because it’s absolutely crucial when it comes to promoting your business, generating increased traffic to your website and helping to push your site higher in the search engines.

And remember, if you’re not able to write quality content and reader-friendly articles, then you can always hire an experienced copywriter like myself to help you out!

Nick Cobb – SEO Copywriter

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