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How to write headlines

When it comes to writing a sales letter for your business, you must always remember the importance of the headline. It’s the most significant part of any piece of sales copy, as it’s the first thing the prospect sees when they land on your web page. As a result, it needs to intrigue, excite or […]

Copywriting and the WIIFM question

WIIFM? “What the hell does that mean?” you’re probably wondering… Well, it stands for “what’s in it for me?” and it’s a question that your visitors will always be asking, and one that you must always be trying to answer. Any successful piece of direct response copywriting will focus squarely on the prospect, letting the […]

Sales psychology in copywriting

When I was growing up, the great Star Wars films of the 1970s and 80s competed alongside my Dad for the role of official teacher and mentor. They helped set my moral compass, taught me the difference between good and evil, the importance of loyalty, friendship and trust, and that freezing myself in carbonite will […]

My Freelance Copywriter Launched!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the My Freelance Copywriter blog. The aim of this blog is to provide business owners and online entrepreneurs with handy tips and advice for improving the readability, visibility and money-making potential of their websites and sales letters. In fact, the following blog posts will cover practically everything you’ll ever need […]