7 free ways to promote your online business

How to promote your websiteOk, let’s move away from copywriting for a moment, as I’d like to talk to you about what you need to do once your website is live.

The fact is, there’s only so much a copywriter like myself can do to help your business flourish.

We can write sizzling website copy that makes your readers want to buy, and we can also employ clever SEO copywriting techniques to help push your website as high up in the search results as possible for your chosen keywords.

But after that? Well, let’s face it, you’re on your own!

You see, once the website copy is written and we’ve parted company, it’s down to you to start promoting your business online. So if that’s the stage you’re at now, here are a few handy methods for driving traffic to your new website…

Oh, and they’re all completely free!

1. Articles – All you need to do to utilise this method is write an article centred on your business or product, and then submit it to an article directory such as www.goarticles.com, www.articlecity.com, www.free-articles-zone.com or www.amazines.com to name just a few. You can then include a link that directs readers back to your website.

2. Press Releases – Very similar to the article method, free online public relations agencies like www.free-press-release.com and www.prfree.com will add your press release to a variety of different websites (assuming they like it, of course) and they’ll allow you to include your link as well. You just need to make sure your press release is unique and interesting.

3. Blogging – Free, easy to start, update and maintain, and requiring no web design skills, blogs can be a hugely effective tool for generating interest in your website, and therefore free traffic. More importantly, blogs are loved by the search engines because of the way they’re structured, the amount of relative content they contain and the fact that they’re constantly updated. A great place for you to start would be either blogger.com or WordPress.com.

4. Social Networking – Sites like Twitter and Facebook provide a fantastic way of promoting your business and building positive relationships with people interested in your niche. All you need to do is sign up and locate people in a similar industry to you, or people who show an interest in what you have to offer. You can then include your website link on your Facebook and Twitter pages, so all of your friends and followers can visit your site whenever they feel like it. The more friends and followers you have, the more sales you’ll inevitably make.

5. Forums – The use of forums is another free technique that’s very easy to get started with. As I’m sure you’re aware, forums are sites where people with a common interest gather to discuss their pet topic, review new products, and so on. They are also a great way of gaining some free publicity for your site and generating back links at the same time. To find a forum related to your product, I’d suggest taking a look at www.Big-Boards.com or www.forumshowcase.com.

6. Email Signatures – A very old method, but it still works! Placing your website address at the bottom of each email you send is a simple, highly effective and a completely free way of boosting traffic to your website. By attaching your URL to your signature, every email you send will be an advertisement for your website! The amount of people who see your advertisement can then snowball when the email is forwarded onto the recipient’s friends, and then onto their friends, and so on.

7. Videos – Online video sites like YouTube have exploded in recent years, and the reason for this is because they provide a fantastic opportunity to attract hordes of qualified traffic to your website, at virtually no cost! If you’d like to try out a free way of promoting your website via video, take a look at Animoto.com. You can create a brilliant 30-second video with images, completely free, and then upload it to YouTube for the whole world to see!

For an idea of what they look like, take a look at my video here:

So then, if you’d like to drive more targeted traffic towards your new website, I’d suggest you adopt every single one of these promotional techniques, because quite simply, they work!

Nick Cobb – Web Copywriter

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  1. David says:

    Fantastic info, do you mind if I reference back to it? I’m blogging about this too, thanks for sharing it.

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