5 ways to get a great Google ranking…

Any new business that sets itself up online is doing so for one principal reason: to reach a wider market and draw in more customers. And the most cost-effective way of attracting new customers is to optimise your website for the search engines…

Here are five handy tips that you should DEFINITELY follow…

1. Focus on link-buildingseo copywriter

Essentially, any link that you get coming into your website is a vote in its favour, or a thumbs up. The person linking to your site is basically saying “this is a very good website, and it’s relevant to this particular topic.” Google then rewards your website by pushing it higher in the search results. Consequently, the more links coming into your website, the more authoritative your site is deemed to be.

So you should dedicate as much time as you can to building these “back-links.” You can so this by writing good quality content that people in your niche would WANT to read. If the content is good, other websites will link to it.

DON’T be tempted to buy back-links. There are sites out there that provide these “services”, but it’s unlikely that you’ll receive good quality, relevant links, and harmful links could damage your optimization campaign. Instead, always build your back-links naturally, and honestly. If you do, Google will reward you.

2. Keep your white hat on

The number of websites offering SEO services has exploded in recent years, as more and more emphasis is placed on the need to rank highly in the search engines. With companies competing against one another for business, some choose to adopt what are known as “black hat” SEO tactics in order to obtain clients and produce results.

These techniques include things like cloaking, keyword stuffing, hiding (keyword-rich) text and using link farms. But these techniques will NOT help your website in the long-run, and will often result in Google removing your site or banning it altogether. Stay away from any company who says it will guarantee you a page one Google ranking.

If you want your website to move to the top of the search engines and stay there, focus on ethical “white hat” tactics such as link building, unique and original content creation and SEO copywriting

3. Write for humans as well as the spiders

SEO focuses heavily on keywords, so many people make the mistake of writing their website copy purely with the search engine spiders in mind. This leads to something known as “keyword stuffing” with website owners attempting to get as many of their keywords into the copy as often as possible!

This is arguably the biggest mistake when it comes to SEO. If the website copy doesn’t read well, it won’t be able to sell the product or service, which is, after all, the point of having a website in the first place. This is where it’s well worth hiring a professional SEO copywriter who will able to fuse SEO principles with powerful and persuasive sales copy.

4. Use original and unique content

When writing your website copy, be sure to make it unique and original. Despite all the weight placed on things like meta data, back-links and keywords, writing unique and interesting content that people WANT to read is still the fastest way of ranking highly in the search engines. Neither human readers nor the search engines like to see stale, regurgitated content written by someone else five years ago.

Also, don’t use existing content on your new website either. There is a tendency among new business owners to cut and paste their copy across a number of different websites, to save time and money. Duplicate content is punished by all the major search engines, so if you have content on blogs and social networking sites, don’t use that same content on your business website, because it will have no chance of reaching page one if you do!

5. Show Commitment!

Getting your business website to page one of Google isn’t an easy task. It takes time, and lots of hard work. It’s an on-going process that you must be committed to if you have any serious ambitions of making your site a success.

Back-links need to be built up. Articles, press releases and blog posts need to be written to promote the site, and the content needs to be kept fresh and up-to-date. You’ll also need to monitor the success of certain keywords, so you can work out what people are typing into the search engines to find your site.

An honest, ethical and committed SEO campaign will ultimately result in higher search engine rankings, more targeted traffic and greater profits for you and your business.

Nick Cobb – Freelance Copywriter

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