5 Simple Tips Every Website Copywriter Must Know…

5 Website Copywriting TipsIn the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal 5 astonishingly simple tips that every website copywriter needs to know in order to create compelling copy. These are the techniques that will transform your website copy or sales letter from ‘mediocre’ to ‘scintillating.’ So let’s check them out, shall we?

Tip 1 – Is your text readable?

When someone arrives at your website, it’s important that they find it interesting enough to stick around for a while. In other words, you want to avoid anything that might put them off and send them scurrying for the exit button.

One way of keeping their attention is to ensure that the text on your page is simple and easy on the eye. For example, instead of using lengthy streams of text (which can be tedious to look at), break up your copy into short paragraphs, each consisting of a maximum of 5-6 lines. Injecting attractive sub-headlines, Johnson boxes, images, testimonials and bullet points will result in an even more enjoyable read.

By organizing your text in this manner, you’ll be making it easier for your visitors to browse through your sales copy. And the more they stay on your site, the higher your  chances of generating a sale.

Tip 2 – It’s all about the customer

Here’s a classic mistake that every newbie business owner tends to make – they keep going on and on about themselves! While it’s easy to slide into this style of writing, it’s a huge turn-off for visitors. You see, they are only interested in knowing what you can do for them (e.g. help them to further their financial status, lose weight, rank their website, etc) and what benefits they can gain by using your product/service.

They don’t care about the number of awards you have won, how long you’ve been operating for or how many mansions you own. Sure, you could include these bits of information if they happen to be relevant to the topic of your website, but instead of placing it on the home page, pop it in the ‘About Us’ section. More importantly, always remember to focus on your customers – at all times.

Tip 3 – Cut out the jargon

A good website copywriter knows the importance of keeping things nice and simple. Many websites often fill their pages with copy that’s full of heavy language and business speak. Talk about boring!

Listen, your potential customers may not be experts in your niche and might not even fully grasp certain niche-specific phrases. That’s why it’s crucial that you craft your sales copy in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner that appeals to all readers.

Tip 4 – Switch from ‘I’ to We’ – it’s more impressive!

Many online enterprises employ the word ‘I’ when describing themselves and the services they provide. This can give the impression that they are a tiny operation being run from somebody’s basement and not a professional company with proper staff, which may be a more accurate picture of their business.

Now, most customers will naturally prefer to engage the services of a seemingly larger, well-established organization. That’s why it’s probably a smart idea to cut out the ‘I’s and ‘Mine’ in your text and replace them with ‘We’ and ‘Our,’ to give the impression of being a mega corporation.

Performing simple tweaks like this can result in a solo entrepreneur being taken more seriously, which will lead to an increase in their customer base.

Tip 5 – Set aside some time to thoroughly proofread your content

Finally, as a responsible website copywriter, you want to make it a point to give your content a once over when you’ve completed it. Always check for basic errors (poor spelling, bad grammar, that sort of thing), before publishing the content online. Let’s face it – web pages riddled with errors do not look professional and will only succeed in turning potential prospects away.

So there you have it – 5 super simple techniques for crafting compelling copy!

Nick Cobb – Freelance Copywriter

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