10 Ways to Make People Buy Your Products!

10 ways to make your visitors buy...Whether you’re selling a product via a sales letter or a conventional website, persuading your visitors to buy is your number one concern.

The fact is, if a prospect has made it to your website or sales letter, you can be sure that they’re interested in what you have to offer, so it’s imperative that you give them as many reasons as possible to purchase there and then, and absolutely no excuse to leave!

Here are my top 10 tactics for converting visitors into buyers…

Deadlines – If the prospect faces the possibility of missing out on your offer, they’ll be more inclined to purchase. As a result, “the fear of loss” is a powerful tactic to use in your sales copy. So the addition of a time limit can work wonders, either on a discount or on the availability of the product itself. “Offer expires in 2 days” or “Discount only available until Friday”, for example.

Scarcity – Likewise, employing a scarcity tactic can be equally effective at speeding up your prospects’ decision making process and convincing them to buy. If they’re interested in your product or service, they’ll naturally be worried about missing out if they delay too long. If you’re selling a physical product, you could say something like; “Only 4 copies remaining” or “Offer limited to the first 10 people who sign up”…

Guarantee – When spending money online, many people are naturally cautious these days, mainly due to the number of scammers and fake websites that have reared their ugly heads in recent years. By offering a 30-60 day guarantee, you’re telling your visitor that you can be trusted, and that you have faith in your product.

Trial Offer – This is a great tactic to use when selling subscriptions for membership sites. Many people will be hesitant to commit to a product that they know little about, especially if it carries a monthly rebill. By offering a trial membership for just £1 or £2, you’ll stand a far greater chance of getting sign-ups. And if your product is a good one, many of them will stay!

Testimonials – Having evidence on your website that your product or service actually works is crucial! It provides peace of mind for the prospect and shows them that other people have used what you’re selling and have been pleased with the results. Pictures alongside the names also work well, as they appear more genuine. Testimonials that just say “D.M, Texas”, don’t convince me! Who is D.M.? How do I know that it’s a real testimonial? The answer is, it probably isn’t!

Support – When selling anything online, it’s imperative that you offer some kind of after-sales support for customers who might need assistance. The addition of a dedicated email address or phone number will tell the customer that you won’t simply disappear once they’ve bought! If people know that they’re able to contact someone should they need help, they’ll be far more likely to buy. Fact.

Free Shipping – No one likes it when they decide to buy something online, only to see the price shoot up right at the end with the addition of shipping or delivery costs. Many will change their mind instantly upon seeing this. So not only should you avoid this when selling a physical product, you should go one step further by announcing “free shipping” or “free delivery” on your website’s home page.

Instant Delivery – As I’ve said a number of times on this blog, we live in what I like to call a “microwave society” these days. Consumers don’t want to wait for anything. They want it NOW! So a digital product that can be emailed to the customer immediately, and then downloaded within seconds of hitting the order button has a VERY good chance of selling!

Secure payment – If you’re a larger company using credit card payment processing, it’s crucial that you offer secure payment pages. When people see the “https” in the browser box, they feel safer immediately. With greater peace of mind, your prospects will be a lot more likely to punch in their credit card details and order.

Use a copywriter – Well I would say that wouldn’t I?! But seriously, by using a professional and experienced copywriter like my good self, you’ll receive wonderfully crafted sales copy that will engage the reader, keep them on the page for longer, and push their hot buttons. Ultimately, better copy will produce more sales.

Nick Cobb – Freelance Copywriter

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