The #1 Trick to Transform Your Sales Letters

How to use "the fear" in your copywritingThere’s no point in beating around the bush, so I’ll get straight to the point…


It’s probably one of the most effective emotional hot buttons used by copywritersto inject their sales letter with an extra layer of persuasion and compel prospects to take action immediately. If implemented correctly, the ‘fear factor’ can turn undecided buyers into red hot customers who are super-eager to buy the product you’re promoting.

Now, when I use the term ‘fear,’ I’m not talking about frightening your readers! Instead, it’s all about informing them that if they don’t purchase your product right away, they’ve got to be prepared to shell out more money at a later date… or miss out on getting their hands on it forever.

It’s a very effective marketing strategy and it works like gangbusters!

However, in order for prospects to reach the point where they fear losing out on what you’re selling, your sales letter must do a fine job during the initial stages, i.e. convincing them that your offer is exactly what they need, right now!

In other words, you first need to make your offer hard to resist, so potential customers will feel a sense of deep regret if they do not grab the opportunity you’re presenting them. Then, you want to give them a very good reason to click on that order button immediately.

Here are 4 easy ways of accomplishing this:

1. One-time offer

Example: This product is for sale *today* only and will never be made available to the public again.

2. Price increase

Example: The current price is set to increase by $25 after the 26th of June, so hurry.

3. Limited membership slots

Example: I can only accept 15 students right now, so don’t delay, secure your membership now.

4. Limited quantity – the tried and tested classic

Example: Only 7 copies are left, so order now.

If you wish to use the ‘one-time offer’ scarcity tactic in your sales letters you’ll need to insert a time limit on your product, so visitors to your site will be encouraged to make a purchase right away. You may also tell prospects that they can get your offer at an introductory price of £29.97 for the first 100 copies, but after that, will have to secure their copy at the regular price of £69.97, for example.

Since they realize they’ll be missing out on a saving of £40, they are likely to whip out their credit card and take action right away. In order to further enhance your chances of netting a sale, you could include a real-time clock counter in your sales letter to remind readers that time is running out and that your offer is going to end soon.

This is a fantastic way to instil a sense of urgency in your customers and make them fear losing out on the offer you’re so temptingly dangling in front of them. Another example of a brilliant scarcity strategy is to explain that X amount of action takers who invest in your product will receive a surprise gift or a special bonus, absolutely free. This tactic works wonders, simply because people love getting free stuff!

So go ahead, implement any of the 4 techniques mentioned above and transform your sales letter into a profit-pulling magnet!

Nick Cobb – Freelance Copywriter

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